About Bromo





Named after a powerful volcanic site in Indonesia and the inspiring city in Spain, BROMO Barcelona was born from the creative mind of a well-travelled designer.


This union represents a multi-cultural openmindness, creative energy and durability that showcases the brand identity.

Our philosophy



BROMO Barcelona is an independent label for bags and backpacks, redefining casual aesthetics to a contemporary level.


Behind our product is the philosophy that a designer’s inspiration arises from what surounds us, such as landscapes, cities, people and emotions emanating from them.

Our values



BROMO Barcelona believes in balance between functionality and aesthetics, that constitutes the backbone of our design process.


We design bags that are adapted to today’s urban dwellers needs, having in mind constant mobility, versatility and protection are the key concerns while on the go.

Our lifestyle



We are traveling, discovering and always on the move.


Carrying daily belonging becomes part of our life.


BROMO Barcelona strives to create bags for those who are looking for a smart companion that fits and enhances their “always on the move” lifestyle.